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Meet Founders

Audrey Bailey


Ashlee McLean


Originally from France, Audrey moved to Burlington in 2006 and settled into the charming, family-friendly neighbourhood of Aldershot. She has been a licensed realtor for ten years and has a history of working in new home construction sales, marketing and interior design. This past summer she was voted #1 Realtor in Burlington through the Readers’ Choice Awards.

Inspired by her French Countryside roots, Audrey brings both flair and instant appeal to the preparation and marketing of homes. She knows how to make a great first impression for house hunters and helps to create lasting sales results for clients.

In addition to providing a signature real estate experience for her clients, Audrey has helped stage and style homes for the past 6 years. She couldn't wait to begin working alongside Ashlee and gather their styles. Consults, concepts, creation, small renovations, staging... the ladies can offer a ton of HOME knowledge and expertise. Stay tuned!

When Audrey doesn’t have her nose buried in a home/decor magazine researching interior trends or seeking design inspiration, she can be found practicing yoga, whipping up something delicious in her kitchen, spending time with her husband (of 15 years) and three kids (all under the age of 6), or hiking and discovering all the local trails.




A residential realtor, trained interior decorator and experienced marketer, Ashlee is a triple threat when it comes to helping her clients buy, sell, stage and style their spaces with the MINK Group. 

Although now settled in Ancaster with her husband and two-year-old daughter, Ashlee was born and raised in Burlington and has great knowledge of the markets in both areas.

She strives to make the home buying or selling experience feel as stress-free as possible and caters to the unique needs of each client she serves. She is extremely detail-focused/organized (checklists are her favourite!), honest, an excellent listener and a great communicator.

The kitchen is truly the heart of Ashlee’s home, so in her free time that’s where you’ll find her - cooking, baking, and entertaining for friends and family. She loves her coffee strong, her wine red, and can’t wait to travel again!

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